Local support during the coronavirus crisis

Whiteparish C19 Support Group is a loosely affiliated group working alongside the Surgery and the Church to coordinate what support we can to others in our community during the coronavirus crisis. It is coordinated by Maria Pennington (Parish Clerk), John Herrett and Mike Hayday (Parish Councillors) and David Guild, with support from Revd. Jane Dunlop, Zoë Clewer, Jane Legat (All Saints' Church) and backed up by many other volunteers.

Maria has been working very closely with Hilary Jenkins at the surgery setting up the prescription distribution for Whiteparish and outlying villages.

Leaflets have been distributed giving contact details for volunteers offering support during the coronavirus crisis. The e-mail address of the group is whiteparishC19@yahoo.com: any requests for assistance may be sent to this address and will be assigned to an appropriate supporter.