Village Support Covid-19

Supporting each other in Whiteparish through the coronavirus crisis

The restrictions on our movement, contact and access to shops and services mean that we are all inconvenienced but some of us will be experiencing considerable difficulties on a day-to-day basis.

If you are feeling lonely or vulnerable, or need some practical help, there is a group of volunteers who are prepared to support you, for example by:

  • collecting medical prescriptions and delivering to you
  • essential food shopping
  • essential household item shopping
  • calling you by telephone to check that you're ok or just for a chat
  • anything else we may be able to help with

Of course, we will be following all Governmental advice on social distancing and personal protection. More Government help and advice may be on the way and we will take this into account: there is no intention of replacing or disrupting any official channels of assistance.

Please contact us on the telephone numbers below or by e-mail if we can help (or if you can help us)

Collection and delivery of prescriptions for patients in the HIGHEST RISK category.
Those patients must tell the surgery at the time of ordering that they would like these delivered and the surgery will do their best for this to happen. If you want to use this service please register by telephone to the following contacts: David Guild 01794 884416 Mike Hayday 01794 884110 Maria Pennington 01722 711858

Pastoral / Spiritual help
Contact: Revd. Jane Dunlop 01794 884793 Zoe¨ Clewer 01794 884550 Jane Legat 01794 884600

Shopping for food
Contact: Whiteparish Village Stores 01794 884221

Shopping for essential household items (e.g. new kettle)
Contact: John Herrett 01794 884381

Anything not covered above.
Contact: Maria Pennington 01722 711858 or John Herrett 01794 884381

Our e-mail address for all the above is

If you have internet access, the following websites may be helpful: (Government website) (NHS) (Wiltshire Council) (Whiteparish village website with CV-19 links) (locally managed website with CV-19 links and lists of resources)

Churches on social media: and

Local social media groups:
Facebook: Whiteparish Heads Up group (a search is the easiest way to find this) Whiteparish Community Facebay & Selling & Wanted (but mostly s/h goods)

Please send a blank e-mail to so we can send you any revisions to this leaflet.
No internet or e-mail?
call: John Herrett 01794 884381 and we will deliver any revisions as a copy to you.

This leaflet is produced by the Whiteparish C19 Support Group.
If you would like a large print version of this, call 01794 884381